Friday, 4 April 2008

Ziso: 'Judgment Day '

Harare, 3 April 2008

Only children could have a restful sleep tonight. The fate of the nation lies in tomorrow’s announcement. The Zimbabwean Electoral Commission, after stalling for five days, will be forced to issue the results of the Presidential Election. Bets are hedging on how narrow the margin will be for the run-off. The elation, bubbling at the inevitable, is quickly doused with the threat of violence. The tension is palpable. The Zimbabwean winter has turned this week and the evenings are beginning to bite. At night the streets are empty and the moon has gone. It is a dark hour. The ordinary folk toss and turn in their sleep, “Just tell us!” They’ve had enough of this stress and anticipation. Their fates lie in the balance.

At this minute, the corridors of power are still working late. The MDC has claimed victory pre-empting the official announcement in a brave maneuver. The government is planning its next move. It will be decisive. There are endless scenarios of what follows, both good and bad, most of them grey and murky. Nothing is simple in Zimbabwe. Getting anything done takes time, and Victory will be no different. Careers and lives are at stake, as well as huge bank balances and historic alliances. And of course, there is the well being of the patient Zimbabwean people, quietly hoping that they have some small say in their future ability to eat, to work, to express themselves. At times like this all one can think to do is pray. Judgment Day has arrived and the goblins are at the gates. It’s a time when champions are needed. Tomorrow we will see what mettle they are made of.

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ritawong said...

I read with great alarm the New York Times article "New Signs of Mugabe Crackdown." The police raids on journalists and democracy advocates are terrible, cowardly, and stupid, and I feel strongly for the people of Zimbabwe in their struggle for an open, democractic process. Many of us in Canada are with you in spirit. Wishing you courage and strength and good fortune in the movement for justice.