Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Zimbabwe: a plane without a pilot

ZANU PF’s major weakness is the failure to renew its leadership, says Fay Chung, a former minister under President Robert Mugabe who, she says, may now be remembered only for the “sewage” that litters the streets and the “endless nights” without electricity.

Chung, a parliamentary candidate under Simba Makoni’s Mavambo formation, is widely acclaimed for her role in reforming the educational system after independence. In comments highlighting her disappointment with the performance of her erstwhile comrades in Zanu PF, she said they had “run down the country”.

She said there was evidence everywhere for everyone to see that the country lacked leadership.

“Even in the streets, you see pipes spewing out raw sewage, everywhere there is corruption, GMB (Grain Marketing Board) has no seeds, ZESA (Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority) has no electricity, there is general neglect. It’s clear Zimbabwe is like a plane without a pilot,” she said in an interview with The Standard.


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