Monday, 17 March 2008

Fay Chung Appeals to ZANU PF

Writing back in 2004, Fay Chung, candidate in the forthcoming elections in Zimbabwe, makes a call for ZANU PF to make the space available to foster the development of political renewal.

ZANU PF as the political parent, or even grandparent, now needs to let go of its children and allow them to form their own political views, their own policies and therefore their own political parties. It is incorrect and unsound to punish one’s children for having outgrown parental controls. Our children live in a different world from ourselves: they are better educated than we were and they have had more training in industrial skills than we ever had. We of the parent and grandparent generation came from a peasant and missionary background, and were not allowed to participate in industrialisation during the colonial era. Whilst it is true that 23 years of independence is not a great deal, nevertheless, the first post-independence graduates are now in their forties, and ready to take over from us. We should not continue to treat them as recalcitrant and disobedient children.

From her essay Opportunities for political renewal in Zimbabwe written in 2004 for Zimbabwe: The Past is the Future, Weaver Press

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